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Chinese oil online trading the 5 festivals owned more than 30 million
source:admin time:2017-07-08
   On July 4, the reporter learned from the China Petroleum and e-commerce, China Petroleum five years the development of electronic commerce, through the implementation of centralized procurement, the market for the price, the accumulated savings of more than 3 billion yuan of procurement funds, and through technological innovation to promote the management and institutional innovation, a revolutionary change in the traditional goods purchase and sale process.
    Compared with traditional procurement through final trading price of the e-commerce is 5-10% lower than the average market price of the same period. China Petroleum five years the development of electronic commerce, trading volume reached 93 billion yuan, which purchases reached over 700 billion. 
Calculated in accordance with the market trading price over the same period of the difference between the five-year cumulative savings of about 30 billion procurement funds.
    In addition to centralized procurement, the China Petroleum vigorously implement the "Sunshine procurement, reduce intermediate links of the material transaction process and human factors, the secret manipulation and corruption to avoid part of the materials for mining the material procurement process open and transparent process control. At present, China Petroleum and implementation of centralized procurement of materials including OCTG and other bulk        materials, as well as fire engines and other vital supplies. 
Through the procurement of these materials into the online bidding concentrated, and take the online and offline Xia Xiang "to reach a fair, just, open goal.
    The launching of e-commerce, the Chinese petroleum enterprises informatization construction level, to improve the linkage between the level of interaction China Petroleum and between the branches as well as internal and external, to promote the upgrading of the traditional economic model. China Petroleum and use of network technology innovation, driven by corporate management and institutional innovations, capital has changed the traditional mode of operation to promote the upgrading of the traditional economy.
Currently, China Petroleum and establish a corporate portal, but also within the entire company to set up an interactive information platform, the basic realization of the "paperless office", improve efficiency, and promote the fundamental transformation of management mode.
    Industry experts said that through e-commerce, the China Petroleum and produce at least five positive: First, combing the enterprise supply chain optimization, improved supply chain management, the establishment of a stable and orderly supply system; China Petroleum reputation in the international capital market, increase the influence of the Chinese brand of oil, increase business opportunities, and open up a new market; shorten order cycle, improve operational efficiency, reduce transaction costs; improved information management and decision-making level, to improve the operational efficiency of the Chinese oil market; Fifth, improve the employee's work to improve the level of corporate profits.

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